What Is The Meaning Of FBSM?

The full body sensual massage or FBSM is the dentition given to the full body sensual massage and it is given in order to enhance the sexual excitement of the one who gets it. It is meant to cover an entire body with the genitalia of the man and the breast of a woman and also the vagina is the focal point. It is considered as the mutual masturbation if it is performed by the sexual partners. It can be used as a part of the sex therapy, after sex play and foreplay.

The full body sensual massage is a legal service in different countries like United Kingdom, New Zealand, Japan, Canada, Romania, Australia and Thailand. However, in some places, it is something illegal and it can be considered as prostitution. When someone wants to get full body sensual massage, he has to ask the sexual partner first and then consider visiting the service provider.

The touch is always an important part in the sexuality. Houston erotic massage is a method used in incorporating the sense of touch in the sexuality activity. It is something used by couples around the world if they want to enhance their sexual and romantic life. In addition of the sexual aspect, the sensual massage comes with some health benefits.

During the sensual massage, using the body and the hands, it will stimulate touching sense of the partner. It is known to ensure that the person relaxes and it is believed to enhance the sex life of someone. The benefits do include the intimacy between the couple while it improves their lovemaking.

The history behind sensual massage is too long. It is the type of the touch which is widespread in the eastern culture and it dates back 2000 years ago. India has different types of the sensual massage like tantric massage and it was developed so that it may include the spiritual aspect with the physical aspect. In the Western World, the massage is being used for healing and medicinal purpose and not the sensuality. The modern couples now rediscover using massage like a part of their own sexuality.

The tools needed

There are tools that have to be used in the sensual massage; they will incorporate other different sensations in the massage when it is needed. People may use special creams or oil that had been designed to be used for the massage. Some do contain the scent and they help in stimulating and relaxing the recipient while they make the body to be flowing and smooth. There are people who give sensual massage using other incorporated items and it is meant to improve sensation of massage. These tools are clothes like velvet and silk.


There are many techniques that have to be used with the sensual massage. The most popular are stretching strokes, circle strokes and fan stroke. Normally, the sensual massage starts with the softer stroke and it relaxes and soothes a recipient and then it becomes harder and stronger technique when the massage continues.

The physiological effect

A sensual massage is sexy and healthy and it is an important experience. The full body sensual massage helps to increase the blood floor in the body and it reduces cortisol level, stress hormone while the body increases oxytocin. Oxytocin is the hormone that improves the bonding and affection feeling. The regular massage may also lead to improved immune function with good health in general.

The full body sensual massage with erotic massage is always in the sexual nature. However, how the level of sexual arousal, it will all depend on the massage, situation and the mood of the giver and the receiver.

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